A well-structured company profile not only highlights the brand value of your company but also conveys powerful messages more effectively as a result of its visual impact.

A lasting, favourable impression of your company can be delivered to critically important potential clients, partners, investors and more.

The Business Guru now enables you to build an effective company profile using a professional structured template. The simple to use template is cloud-based in an online account, providing you easy access for ongoing updates and improvements.

Being online also allows you to share access to the latest version easily with key members of your management and development team

The Template is built using different segments, which allows you to choose what information you wish to share with which type of client or partner

Now your team can have instant access to the latest profession version of your business profile at any moment, further enhancing your professional image with your client or partner

View Video of how easy it is to build a powerful, lasting cloud-based Business Profile

The most exciting thing about this powerful business tool, is that it is a FREE service offered by The Business Guru. It forms part of our Covid-Comeback initiative to support Zambian SME, NGO and Corporates to navigate to success in the current challenging economic times.


You’ll see how fast and easily you can create a Business Profile that includes important information about your business, including information about your products or services, your markets or customer segments, business partners, and more! Having a complete Business Profile not only helps your GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisor to guide you better because they have the important information about your business, it is also a great way to introduce your business to bankers, lenders, investors, and key partners in a sleek and professional way!