Digital travel booking systems are the only true process to fully manage corporate travel spend. Now available in Zambia to corporates, SME’s an NGO’s – the CTS Corporate Travel Solution offers efficient online booking process coupled with powerful travel risk management, travel policy enforcement and powerful reporting to empower business managers.

Corporate Travel TBG CTS Features 2

Rich travel content for increased inventory

You have access to reach travel content from TMC GDS travel content and their negotiated rates to direct rates from airline through NDC integrated airline. Low-cost carriers are available as well. You will also have a choice of hotel bed banks for an improved hotel inventory.

Corporate Travel Features
Corporate Travel TBG CTS Features
Corporate Travel TBG CTS Features

Travel approval processes

Most of corporations have some form of travel approval processes prior to fulfilling the reservation.You can have simple approval process by one approval manage to multiple steps approval processes.

Approval By A Manager

Once traveller completes initial reservation, approval manager will be immediately notified and can approve or reject the request based on all booking data, policies, and various travel options available

Approval By Alternate Manager

You can set an alternate approval manager so if main approval manager does not take action in predefined time period, approval manager will be notified to take action on the request. You can have up to 4 levels of approval managers for a request.

Approval By Cost Center

You can also define different approval managers based on different cost centres. Each cost centre can have its approval flow so depending on employee’s cost centre or selection of cost centre, the right approval process can take place.

Create travel policies

You might require from several policies to very few, or maybe even none. You can create policies of your choice. You can even have an accept all policy by default where everything will be in policy (so no restriction required).

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Corporate Travel Features 7.

Easily manage traveller profiles

Employees’ profile are at the heart of the system. You can support it with great flexibility:

  • Employees can add their faavorite loyalty programs to their profile so they can collect miles and points when they travel. This will dramatically increase the  tool’s adoption.
  • You can define same approval process for all employees or different ones to each individual employee. that give them flexibility to manage different categories of employees.
  • If profile require additional fields, creating new ones is effortless. With Custom Fields module you can conveniently add various types of custom-made fields.

Reduces business travel management cost with your own SBT

Travellers will be delighted to book their trips on a very user-friendly self-booking tool. It will increase its adoption by travellers and help you better manage your business trips cost. Increase your overall efficiencies without compromise.

  • Upload employees in seconds and they are ready to go, they can start booking their trips right away.
  • Painlessly manage travel policies and configure approval flows if required bvy your company. Or let your employees book their trips simply with a few clicks.
  • Get access to very large travel content from GDS to low costs and NDC with or without a TMC.
Corporate Travel Features 8.
Corporate Travel TBG CTS Features