There are distinct differences between the concepts of a “Digital Business” and “Digital Business Systems” and “Digital Business Transformation “

Do you understand these terms impact on your business? Read more further down the page on what this can mean to your business.

If you already know what functional areas of your business need Digitalisation – select one of our specialised products below to discover what it can offer your business.

Alternatively – let us help you undertake a Digital Transformation of your business, where we will guide a program to first identify changes needed – and then help design and implement solutions

Digital Business

In its purest definition, a digital business is one which delivers products and services to its clients on a digital “platform” . Examples of this would be Uber, Netflix and Google

However, in todays world of exponential technology advancement, exciting and innovative new digital solutions & technology are constantly being developed, which can now be used by traditional, non-digital business to deliver their traditional products and services to clients. This includes using the technology to improve the way ALL support areas and activities of a business delivers value to a business

Digital Business System

Traditionally, a “Business System” is defined as a combination of policies, procedures, personnel, equipment and computer facilities to co-ordinate the business activities of an organisation

The Business Guru utilizes the term “Digital Business Systems” to refer to any traditional business activity that now utilizes digital technology, to deliver its purpose to the business

Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation, is the process by which an organization transforms its traditional business activities into “Digital Business Systems”

The objective of Digital Transformation is to

  • improve process efficiency through automation,
  • create better customer experiences,
  • improve employee productivity [ and satisfaction ]
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve revenue growth

Where to now for your business?

A traditional SME or NGO can now take decisive action to begin their journey of digital transformation, by following a structured strategy of

  1. Take a snap-shot and analyze your ICT Status-Quo
  2. Strategize which business activities could best benefit from digital transformation, linked to time and cost budgets
  3. Implement a project plan
  4. Constantly review and update a strategy and the project plan

Most business would have embraced some form of digitization for their business, but by have a clear understanding of digital opportunities specific to your own organization, you can now accelerate the growth of your business through digital transformation of key parts of your organization

Contact The Business Guru now to see how we can help you on this journey, both in identifying the opportunities, and in implementing programs for transformation

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