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A visual toolkit for assisting companies for making decisions and taking actions

GrowthWheel is visual toolkit for dialogue and decision-making. it is used in the touchpoints between clients and advisors having conversations about what to do.

Growthwheel helps entrepreneurs build their business through a simple action-focused process that stay true to the way most entreprenuers think and work.
For the businessadvisor the toolkit it is a checklist to keep a 360 degrees perspective and a way to save time by empowering the client company to do more work.
For Organizations, GrowthWheel establishes a common language for all advisors and clearly communicates what the counselling process offers.

All Companies have the Same Challenges

GrowthWheel challenges media

Simple. Visual. Practical.

360 degrees perspective made simple

Everything about Business in one single toolkit

The Growthwheel toolkit consists of challenges for Entrepreneurs.

All Business Decisions Made Visual

Easy to communicate to outsiders Simple and easy to deal with.

Decision-Making made Practical

Set Agenda. Make Decisions. Take Action.

Every growth wheel tool is designed to or even shown on a handheld computer begin instantly.

Choose to follow the Growthwheel way

100% Flexible. Reinvented Every Day

A Tool for Every Company and Avery Advisor

Every day Growthwheel is reinvented by more than 1600 Growthwheel Certified Business Advisors who hand-pick from the wide selection of tools and use them inn their own way.

The entrepreneur’s needs or his or her

When i used to bring up the business plan my advisory sessions, the energy-level of my clients would immediately go down.

They just weren’t excited about it and it was overwhelming to them

Growthwheel makes it easy to extract what’s important for the entrepreneurs to work with right now. Basically, it’s a planning-tool that works

— Ted Baker

Excutive Director

Innovation connector Indiana

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Challenging the Business Plan: Few Entrepreneurs like to write Business plans. And Fewer Advisors like to Read them!

most experienced advisors know that even if a business plan is sometimes a formal requirement for entering an incubator or applying for financing, it is not the recipe for starting and growing a business.

Talking to hundreds of advisors and entrepreneurs, we learned why many entrepreneurs either never write business plans or never use them after they have been written


#1. Business Plans are fiction

Creating the future beats Projecting the future

somehow the attempt to convince someone about a business idea in the format of the conventional business plan tends to produce macro-level analyst, long term planing and so-called strategic consideration.

However, most entrepreneurs the key change is not collecting information like the growth and size of the national market, rather finding the name and phone number of the next customers. Taking action is more likely to create the future than writing about it.

#2. Business Plans are a Distraction

The Plan is not the Business, the Business is the Business

Sometime when you ask start-ups how their business is going they will tell you that they are “still working on the business plan”. Unfortunately this can go on forever or until the entrepreneurs are exhausted from analysis-paralysis.

The problem is that a lot of time and focus are taken away from activities such us calling customers, making products and writing invoices. asctivities that are not only building the business but also the best way to learn what works and what does not.

The best way to take next step is to take it.

#3. Business Plans are static

The Future comes One Day at a Time, Starting Tomorrow

Business plans are not supposed to be static. They are supposed ti be frequently updated. “However, in reality that rarely happens, and the business plan ends up collecting dust in the desk drawer.

The reasons is that the business plan does not fit the natural process of decision-making in start-ups, which takes place when entrepreneurs meets face-to-face to solve problems and produce ideas based on current events.

Big progress comes from small conversations everyday

There is an Alternative…

GrowthWheel 360 Degrees Perspective on Start-Up and Growth

GrowthWheel is a visual way to look at areas of business that are already known to experienced entrepreneurs and business advisors.

In GrowthWheel’s 360 degrees framework, four lasting business challenges are broken into 20 focus areas.

When a start-up or growth company is not getting off the ground or not growing the way it coul be, the reason is that more work is needed inone or several focus areas.

Decisions have not yet been made, and actions have not yet been broken.

Rather than trying to do everything at once –  or make plans for everything – the core message of GrowthWheel is to find the single most important areas and focus on them first. The 20 focus ares are:

Attractive Business Concept

Meeting or creating demand

Getting the right business idea and designing the right product portfolio. Selling it to the right customers using the right revenue model, and doing so while maintaining a strong market position

Strong Organization

Building teams and partnerships

Finding the right ownership and broad, recruit and develop the right employees. Outsourcing tasks through partnerships with suppliers and contractors and mapping the core business processes. Having the legal frameworks in place for working together.

Lasting Customer Relations

Finding and Keeping clients

Networking to get he right introductions. Choosing the right way to do marketing and organizing effective sales processes. Getting in the media and on the customers’ agenda by handling communications and PR.Living the values that shape strong branding of the organization and the products.

Profitable Operations

Being productive and making money

Making sure the right financial practices are in place and ensuring that there is enough funding for profitable investments to be made. Setting up the right production and project management systems to ensure deliveries and set up the right IT systems and facilities to carry out the business.


Tools for conversations that Make a Difference
Download. Print. Share

The GrowthWheel Toolbox can be used for both screening of entrepreneurs, one-to-one consulting sessions and group training. Business advisors and trainers have access to the entire GrowthWheel Toolbox and can pick and choose the tools that are exactly right for their clients. All tools are available online and can be printed to take to the meeting room.

Get focus and Deal with First Things First
GrowthWheel 360 Degrees Screening creates the full overview
Growthwheel 360 degrees screening tool helps to quick create an overview and discover decisions to be made.
It is a tool for entrepreneurs and advisors to do a mapping of current challenges and opportunities in the business. The result is a common image of the situation and a shared understanding of what needs to prioritized next.


Set Agenda and Find the Path to Growth
GrowthWheel Frameworks create a common language
Growthwheel Frameworks help put structure to conversations. They are simple graphic checklist of issues to put on the agenda within each of the focus areas of GrowthWheel. When laid out on the meeting tale they create a common language and give ideas for new directions


make Decisions that lead to Action
GrowthWheel Worksheets open the mind
GrowthWheel Worksheets help make decisions faster. They contain questions and outline alternatives for decisions to be made. they are like whiteboard i the conference room, but prepared upfront, so the entrepreneur can focus on the decisions and next steps.


Take Action and track Progress
GrowthWheel 360 Degrees Growth Plan makes it double
Growthwheel 360 degrees Growth Plans helps keep track of decisions made and actions to be taken. They replace the to do list with a structured plan with color codes for the focus areas of GrowthWheel. It keeps the entrepreneur focused on getting things done.


GrowthWheel Online Platform
Download. Print. Share
Growthwheel Online is the business advisor’s personal platform for downloading, printing and sharing tools with clients. All tools are writeable PDF files so advisors and entrepreneurs can work within a file and put in information for review. The simple interface makes it easy for the business advisor to login and instantly share a relevant tool during or after a conversation.


One Thousand Things to Do. One Hour to Talk About it.
Empower Clients. Save Time.

The GrowthWheel helps business advisors do more in less time.

It Saves time in three ways:

#1: It establishes an instant common language in the advisory session.
#2: It allows the entrepreneurs to be prepared before meeting up.
#3: It empowers the entrepreneurs to do more work on their own.

The One-to-One session:
Some Worksheets to Talk About
Some issues require a conversation. Like getting new ideas, making the right decisions and coming up with creative solutionsto problems. Together with the entrepreneur you pick perhaps 1-3 Worksheets to focus on per session.

The Homework:
Some Worksheets to Take Away
During the One-To-One session more issues will arise. However, it’s easy to pick additional Worksheets that the entrepreneur can bring home. Once introduced to the GrowthWheel Worksheets, the entrepreneur can get things moving by himself with Worksheets that require research, analyzing decision alternatives, testing and more.

The Networking:
Some Worksheets to Bring to Experts
Some challenges are best solved by talking to experts in the business advisor’s network. When such issues are identified the entrepreneur brings selected Worksheets for conversations with other people and reports back to the advisor.

GrowthWheel Worksheets