finance & Funding

We also provide finance and funding


We are the best In procurement

Risk Management

We are expert at Risk Management

Commodity trading

We are guru's at commodity trading

Artisanal/Small scale mining

We are gurus at Artisanal and small scale mining

Material Processing

Make decisions and take actions

Refining /Smelting

We are specialized in refining and smelting

Mechanised Mine Development

We are also specialized in mechanized Mine development


We can handle all your company transportation

Product Logistics

We can manage the flow of things in your business.

Coorparative Platform

We can help you with your cooperative program

Statutory Compliance

We can Take care of your statutory compliance on your behalf.

Regional Hub

we are at the center of coordinating entrepreneurship in the region

SME Support Program

We have in place a program were we support SME's with right right tools ...