Project Description

Program Overview

Develop your powerful and professional Business Plan using our guided, template based program.

An effective process using recognized business techniques, and digital based online tools.

Business Plan

Valuable Tools

Key Elements

Benefits of having a Business Plan

Every business should have a Business Plan – its the driver of shareholders vision, and the blueprint for management to follow to get there.

Whether you are starting a business, pivoting the direction of your existing business, or even moving along fine in your current business, a Business Plan is the most important strategic tool you can implement

Shareholders Strategic Vision 100%
Management Blue Print Map 95%
Identify Business Threats & Opportunities 80%
Assess Financial Forecast 95%

Initial Kick Off Meeting

Our guided, template based program starts with an initial kick off meeting to explain the process and discuss questions.

Program Process

The program guides you through your thought process for your vision and strategy for your company. Starting with preparing a Business Profile. this helps collect your thoughts of what your current view of your company is right now. We then prepare a Business Model Canvas .. which is a one page, powerful business tool, to identify the core of your business plan. Your financial forecast is then populated – no business can succeed without carefully mapping future revenues and cost. with all this information now in place, the final phase is to prepare the Business Plan.

For all the above stages, templates are provided to help you easily work through the process. Each template comes with guidelines and examples, to ensure you prepare the best possible version of your Business Plan

Final Delivery

Your final Business Plan document is made available on your FreeĀ  MySME online account, together with your Business Profile and Business Model Canvas. Easily accessible, shared and updateable as your business grows and thrives.

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Meaningful Process

Every entrepreneur has their own unique skill sets that drives their business potential. Our guided, template based program is designed to support all entrepreneurs and management personnel to build a powerful and focused Business Plan for your unique business.

Professional Techniques

We use powerful, established business tool techniques, together with digital online tools, to ensure that not only is the process followed effective and professional, but the outputsĀ  you create are equally professional in their presentation.

What is more, we use our Free, online MySME account to help you collect the data and documents, and to have future access when needed to share or update any of your creations.