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Develop a powerful, effective Business Plan for your business, Whether starting a new business, or pivoting your existing business. Our systematic, guided program  provides templates and frameworks, and offers commercial best-practice advice to produce a professional, powerful and effective document, to act as a GPS in reaching your company goals.

Receive not just a Business Plan, but also a Business Profile, and a Company online Intranet under the MySME program. All accessible via your MySME online account, making it easy to share, train and grow your business!

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A The Business Guru Product

An effective, wisely built Business Plan in hand can guide your business to success!

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If you are starting a business, looking for finance, , or you need to pivot your business, a carefully constructed Business Plan will act as your GPS to reach your goals.

Follow a guided process to help generate an effective and powerful Business Plan:-

Business Plan Process

Home/Store/Strategic Solutions/MySME Business Plan


Your Business Plan will :-

  1. Steer you and your Management Team directly towards your company objectives
  2. Help you raise funding and finance
  3. Help you achieve Milestones – and keep you on shortest path to success
  4. Help you understand, and take action against, threats to your business
  5. Help you understand your competitors, and the market environment, to make more effective strategy decisions
  6. Help you understand your customers, and the opportunities that can help your business grow
  7. Make sure your business stays relevant

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The MySME Business Plan program will guide you through the process of building a powerful business plan.

This includes a Business Canvas framework to brainstorm, document your business, and collect all the important concepts to be built into the business plan.

Next, a Business Plan theme and layout, best suited to your industry and your business is chosen.

A framework template is provided, with guidance given on how to collect content for each section.

Finally, the Business Plan is generated via an online development tool.

This supports your company’s  digitisation migration, introducing digital strategic management tools to your management portfolio.

There’s more!

As part of the MySME Business Plan program, you will also receive a free MySME Account. This includes access to the  Online Business Profile, which provides an online, downloadable PDF document to be shared with your management team, and used for introducing your company to customers, suppliers bankers and other parties.

There is no better time to act then now!

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