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An ICT Manual (Information and Communications Technology) for your Zambian business is an essential tool right now, if your business is going to survive  the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Zambian economy. Give your business a competitive edge, and invest in your ICT Infrastructure


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Does your business have documented ICT Manual in place?

A well-designed ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Manual can:

  • reduce the cost of IT function and improve overall Return on Investment from IT investment.
  • Increase ability to quickly deliver new functionality and/or systems in response to business change.
  • Increase overall quality and reliability of business systems in complex environments that extend the organization
    across the net to its customers and suppliers.

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Business survival depends on business managers  implementing innovative, effective business solutions across all aspects of their organisations. One fact becoming apparent during the impact of the  Coronavirus pandemic on global business, is that Technology and Digital solutions will be what drives business beyond the Coronavirus era.

The Business Guru can help with developing a bespoke ICT Manual for your business, including:-

  • Mapping your existing ICT system, including Hardware, Software and infrastructure
  • Identifying any apparent weaknesses in regulatory compliance, security and process efficiency
  • Providing recommendations for improving your system against these weaknesses
  • Providing recommendations for ICT products and services, software and hardware, based on global best practices,  that may create significant advantage for your business
  • Provide monitoring tools to manage your ongoing ICT business Risk & Compliance

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There is no doubt that investing in your ICT Infrastructure will provide your business an opportunity to :-

  • remain competitive in a new business world,
  • provide a platform to build and re-engineer your business
  • improve process efficiencies to reduce costs in the long term

The time to take action is now-

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