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Access Virtual CFO services for your Zambian business,  whether small business, or complex organisation, our unique concept, expertise and professional approach can give your business a competitive and cost-effective edge.  – invest  in your Financial systems now


Virtual CFO
A The Business Guru Service

Could your business benefit from our Virtual CFO service to shift your business status quo?

Every business needs financial expertise overseeing their business,  to ensure that: –

  • management receives meaningful, analyzed reporting on the latest financial position of their organization
  • risk and compliance is managed to prevent default on regulatory and group company requirement defaults
  • financial processes incorporate the latest global best practices

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A unique paradox exists for most businesses:-

  • your business deserves the highest level of expertise available to you, but employing full-time expertise can be extremely expensive
  • most often, you only need to access this expertise for small portions of a month

The Business Guru Virtual CFO product can help by providing just the amount of expertise that you need, and can afford, delivering results based on professional work processes,  including:-

  • agreeing on the Scope of Work to suit your unique requirements
  • optional review and re-engineering of your Financial System and Reporting, to further reduce your dependency on the ongoing financial resource review
  • targeted expertise applied to ensure your objectives are met, including the possibility to apply more than one resource of different expertise level
  • Packaged together with information-sharing resources to keep your business management abreast of the latest information

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Regardless of the scale of your requirement, we have scale-able solutions that will provide you with your desired end result:-

  • for a portion of the cost that you may have under traditional role employment,
  • simultaneously establishing sound financial process’ that protect your business

The time to take action is now-

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