Risk Assessment and Control Management Program

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Database-driven enterprise-wide software program to map, document, record, monitor, and report all levels of risk management within any size organization. Cloud-based access and mobile cell applications, provide a comprehensive deep dive into managing a corporation’s risks.

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Developed by EMBO Systems, the system covers all levels detailed below. Every corporation risk, large or small, high or low threat, is incorporated for effective control and use by all levels of staff and management risk and Critical Control management process Flow Problem statement Unsuitable Software The Solution Embo Management System’s Approach Consistent output of Risk Assessments Process flow to prioritize potential unwanted events Step 1 No Controls in Place Step 2 Risk Rating with current controls in place Creating Risk Register Continuous nature of Risk Register Step 3 Thorough and detailed risk analysis including causal analysis Graphical interface to plot causes, consequences and controls Color Coding to highlight continuous risk values Master Control / Defense Register Control implementation Responsibility allocation Continuous monitoring of control effectiveness and updating Risk Register

Risk Assesment and Control Management Program