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STRATEGY: Let us work with you to identify your business’ future potential, through effective Business plans or Strategy plans.

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FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions

I have concerns about becoming dependent on a consulting term2019-06-28T03:53:08+02:00

We value our clients and their success and don’t want you becoming dependent on us either! In each consulting engagement, we work with our client’s subject matter experts ensuring ongoing knowledge transfer.  Unlike some consulting firms, we view success as our clients reaching self-sufficient and sustainable business operations.  When our clients come back it is for partnering with Business Guru on new challenges and new business opportunities.

How does consulting add value?2019-06-28T03:52:19+02:00

The nature of the consultant profession means that consultants work in more industries and organizations than the average professional. Consultants provide experience, knowledge and perspective that can be difficult and expensive to find in direct hires. Furthermore, it can make financial sense especially in short-term engagements.

When should I consider utilizing a consultant versus handling internally?2019-06-28T03:58:24+02:00
  • If the project is outside your core business offering, it typically makes sense to outsource to a consulting firm as this can reduce the cost of development and implementation and will speed up execution time and likelihood of success, or
  • If your challenges are within your core competency but you need specialized knowledge and experience that are not available in-house, clients will typically benefit from the added insights and focus on issues with the added cost advantages of not having to hire staff for what might be a short-term initiative.
Do you offer volume or loyalty discounts?2019-06-28T03:50:44+02:00

Yes, we value our relationships with our clients above everything and will factor this into our proposals.

Are engagements fixed price or time and materials based?2019-06-28T03:59:03+02:00

We do both, depending on client needs.

Depending on the scope and nature of the project, we typically develop fixed price contracts so that our clients can work within a a defined budget with no surprises.

Time and materials contracts are more appropriate for short-term consulting projects or projects that are more urgent and there isn’t the time to properly scope the core needs and issues during the assessment phase.

I’ve heard that working with consultants can be a hassle?2019-06-28T03:49:04+02:00

Business Guru strives to become a trusted partner in you achieving your goals and operational objectives. Business Guru will work with you and your teams to make sure the experience and process is a great one given our laser focus on client satisfaction and adding value to our clients.

How is an engagement started and organized?2019-06-28T03:48:16+02:00

We customize our engagements with our client needs in mind, but typically they progress as follows: –

  • Initial planning and assessment discussions to determine your challenges and objectives
  • If needed, we sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement
  • Business Guru will develop a proposal including a statement of work, pricing, timelines and recommendations
  • Upon agreement of the project, we’ll set up an effective communication structure
  • Business Guru will apply our expertise and resources to attaining objectives and deliverables
  • Towards the end of the project, Business Guru will transfer knowledge to you, the client, to ensure the solution is sustainable
  • Conduct a project close-out and establish period check-ins
Will there be travel costs?2019-06-28T03:47:21+02:00

We try and eliminate travel as much as possible. It saves both money and time. We have worked hard to build a virtual and remote environment to make this possible.


What problems does Business Guru typically solve?2019-06-28T03:45:57+02:00

We believe our strength lies in addressing each client’s challenges uniquely and specifically by not providing a standardized solution that works for us but not you.  That said, we have extensive experience serving client’s bookkeeping, logistics, financial fitness, technology, business intelligence, marketing, business strategy and operations and many other needs.

How is the scope of the engagement determined?2019-06-28T03:45:00+02:00

The client determines what is required and Business Guru will outline workable solutions in collaboration with the client during the planning and assessment discussions. We strive for flexible, targeted and modular solutions and oftentimes, we can schedule complex projects into phases that can be tackled sequentially to generate significant business value at each delivery.

How long is a typical engagement?2019-06-28T03:44:12+02:00

This depends on what our clients need and can range from short duration projects to ongoing, long-term support. Typically, engagement term is driven by the client’s specific needs, available budget, complexity and scope.

How big are your typical clients?2019-06-28T03:43:23+02:00

Our clients range from small start-ups to well-established businesses with hundreds of employees.

What kind of industries are represented by the clients that have used your services?2019-06-28T03:42:30+02:00

Our clients include businesses operating in the travel and tourism industry, logistics, manufacturing, non-profits, sales and a number of small business entrepreneurs across a variety of industries.

Do I need to pay for the first meeting?2019-06-28T03:19:14+02:00

No. There is no charge for the initial phone meeting or in-person consult. This meeting is used to determine the needs of your particular business and how Business Guru can potentially help you reach your objectives.

What if my business is not located in Lusaka?2019-06-28T03:18:22+02:00

We currently service clients that are not based in Lusaka. We leverage phone meetings and technology to ensure the same level of service as our clients located in Lusaka.

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