ZRA TAX Amnesty 2022

ZRA has announced a Tax Amnesty project, an opportunity for taxpayers to pay [...]

ZRA VAT – Zero rated exports

 The export of goods from Zambia is zero-rated for VAT purposes subject to [...]

13 March 2022: Comair is unable to confirm when it will start flying again [...]

Fuel Price Increase – March 2022

The ERB - Energy Regulation Board, has today announced petroleum price increases of [...]

ZRA VAT – Registered companies – Enforcement of compliance

Compliant VAT Invoices On 4th November 2021, ZRA issued a Public Notice reminding [...]

Create a Powerful Business Plan

Does your business need a Business Plan for 2022? Contact Us for more [...]

Zambia 2022 Budget Highlights

The 2022 Zambia Budget is out, and important highlights and key tax changes [...]

PACRA to deregister non-compliant companies

PACRA has earmarked for deregistration companies and business names that are not compliant [...]

Importers & Exporters – Appoint your approved Customs Agents

ZRA Customs have now formalized the procedure for Importers and Exporters to appoint [...]

Commodity prices UP, strangely, mining investments DOWN!

Copper prices have doubled in recent times, reaching $10,762 a metric ton earlier [...]